Video-Presentation/How to use Peak Booster E-Shisha

A long time ago somewhere in India the Shisha was invented. Today Shishas can be consumed all arround the world. The original receipt of the Shisha used consist of coconuts & coconut leaves as well as bamboo. What used to be consumed without any complications back then has become rather more difficult today. Restrictions on smoking as well as the media have made it more difficult to consume Shishas and have taken a big impact on the lifestyle of smoking Shisha. For that reason we have set ourselves a goal, the goal of preserving the pleasure and lifestyle of smoking Shisha as mentioned in our slogan “Enjoy the Lifestyle!”. With the creation of the Peak Eshisha you will be able to enjoy the most delicious Shisha flavours anywhere at any time. The best thing about all is that our Shishas contain no Tabacco or Nicotine. We guarantee for what we stand for because we “Enjoy the Lifestyle”, therefore we got rid of all the annoying pleasurekillers such as building up a Shisha, kneading the sticky tabacco and setting the coals on fire which can be difficult and dirty as well as clearing up the Shisha after smoking! We are now offering you the classic version and are promising you that there are many more models yet to come in the future.

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